Saturday, November 22, 2008

From The Lover's Point Of View

Ladies, Ladies sit back and know that us guys are not made up of the same chemicals that your made up of.
Falling in love is hard to do when you are A Lover... So many cards stacked against us. We know how to love but do not tell us when. We Lovers love slow because we are not for sure if it is going to last. We have to have some ground rules set before we can enter into a relationship.

There is no need to try to rain on our parades by giving us that silent treatment, it does not work with us..well not with me anyway I stand firm on everything I say and do. Don't get me wrong I am a perfect gentleman. I will wine and dine you and spend time with you, but do not hold anything over my head.

I know all about what you women think and how you think remember I am THE LOVER.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to tell you hon! Lover you are not! lol I mean I love ya to death but what do men actually know about love????

I am glad that you all are made up of all different chemicals lets us know most of yall are So not human, hence the way act....

But ya know at least you are letting the "girls" into yalls brain....

Oneday you will meet the perfect girl and maybe you will put down your players card right???? Cause if you know all of this about a woman that means that you have been there done that... and can I say that you even got hurt in the process.. so that means you have been there done that part of a relationship also.. right???

Mr Lover lover!!
I love you man! you are gonna find you a good boo! but not until you become the right kind of lover!!

You need to name this blog.. Loverolgy 101~ hahahahah I am sure there are some out there that would like to learn a few things about being a Lover!!


P_diddy said...

I just write on what i know is all I am sorry you cannot identify with it.

Hey everyone gets hurt you just have to move on sure it hurts for awhile thats apart of life. you live and you learn

I love you too

Anonymous said...

see you can be sweet.. My personal Tard!!!


Love you!