Saturday, November 22, 2008

Microphone Check one two one two

Hey this is P_Ditty.. coming at ya live from my house, just giving a microphone check to make sure everyone is hearing me loud and clear.

Hey you Sexy Friend of mine I made it and you said I could not do it by myself......
what you want to say now?


Anonymous said...

Have I told you recently that you are a Tard??? If not I am telling it to you today!


Glad you made it here, Ahem! I still helped even tho you thought you could do it on your own... But you did.. I never said I did not have faith you in... just sometimes I have to control you hahaha!!

When you gonna blog again?? and remember nothing about me.. this is a sounding board for you only..

Love you!

Ne Ne

mayz said...

glad u listened to dat sexy fren of v can share some secrets ;)
wc to dis crazy world

Arv said...

Welcome to the Blogsville P_Ditty..

oh and am joining the club too with Mayz... lol...

Cheers mate...

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Welcome to this mad mad world!Happy blogging :)

P_diddy said...

cutie what does a guy have to do to get some love from you? you be shooting me down, see ya later maybe my wallet will be a tard too..

mayz i am sure we could trade up some secrets for a price of 19.99 per secret i would do it for you free but she told me i would die.

arv my man i have heard that you are keeping her inline good luck is all i can say

samera thanks nothing like a good lookn girl to welcome me