Saturday, January 10, 2009


Finals have been over for awhile but I don't have anything to blog about
My days have been spent just hanging out trying to spot some honey's. I
guess it is too cold for dem to come out so I relax hang low

next post is gonna be from NeNe, she promised and I am still chillin and waiting on it
I know she going to keep her word if not I am going to hafta to tell her secrets. right
now to make sure she does it i am going to say she fell off the couch the other night
and got so lazy she just pulled pillow and blanket off the couch and slept. Lazy Ass

tune in for her next troubled self if she dont get me a post.


Arv said...

Hi Paul...

am finally here after hearing about ya almost every day from the baby...

so on the lookout for some honeys eh?

lol... wish you good luck with that mate...

talk soon... cheers..

mayz said...

she fell off d couch...ROFL!!!!

n all d best wid those honeys ;)

Anonymous said...

Arv, if you tell him that he'll think I actually like having him around! hahahaha I do Paul! your my Mail Man!

He is so not gonna get no honeys hanging out with me! I Forbid it! lol

Anonymous said...

Mayz, That is funny, to you??? lol
I needed to sleep on the floor for my back? I am sticking to that story.. lol lol.. yall dun here me.. There is going to be no honeys in my place....

Anonymous said...

Last but not least MY Roommate!

Hey our place is like VEGAS, what happens there stays there!! Or I'll tell about your Pink House shoes... OOOOPS! I am sorry! lol

Love you man! Thanks for everything get ready for tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Hey Raggedy Pimp. How you going to call NeNe out like that? You know she stumbles and falls all the time.

I like your blog, although I have to say you are a Broke down Lover, But I love you to pieces. Stop hogging NeNe, You spend all week with her and then you hang out all the time.
It's NOT fair

Tazeen said...