Sunday, April 26, 2009

A weekend through pictures

This is Don T, He is a wonderful man that comes to the pub where we go to sing Karaoke.
I am proud to say but sad for everyone else that had their eyes on two of the HOTTEST Bloggers around NeNe & Chan, were Proposed to by him this Saturday.. I think This is The New Hugh Hefner. I have to say I am really Jealous of him. Good Luck Don T.

NeNe and I had some down time on Saturday Afternoon and went to The Blue & White Scrimmage at Commonwealth Stadium @ University of Kentucky. Allow me to say I got to see the whole scrimmage, Ne decided that she was still Drunk from Friday Nights Dinner so she had her head in her hands a lot.

I don't know, and I did not ask. I think she is going to be introuble though. It was'nt me! I need to say that I am so happy to see and say that she is eating. See The THIGHS on that HOTTY?



Mayz said...

DAMN!!! HOT...woooohooooo *wolf whistle*

dont mind paul but m havin perv thots abt ur boo

Trinaa said...

paul?? heylo heylo!! m blogrolling u if u dont mind.. :)

Arv said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arv said...

the blondes are gonna be busy beating ya up bro...


@Trinni... ahem ahem... :P

Mike said...

When I was young, drunk and fun, we always used to go to karaoke. And there's ALWAYS an old guy at the karaoke. Every one. Always.

In 35 years I've decided to be the old guy perving it up at the karaoke bars.


Also, I know Ne's going to be PISSED about that picture. But you know, she really does have a hot bod.


Anonymous said...

Paul, You are a mess. And you know you really know I have to agree with Mike, I am sure that NeNe has seen this post and she is not commenting because you have her body on display.

I love ya, but you did not invite me to your scrimmage, ohhhh I forgot I am to loud. hehehe

Love you and yes we had a hell of a time on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Ne Seriously, YOU HAVE A HOT BOD! So tell everyone this is what your momma gave you to work with.

Arv it is NeNe, so glad you changed your comment, Ha


Trinaa said...

@arv..wht wht?