Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Spy 2 blonds and a brunette

I was going back to class the other day and The girls were "going"to lunch, but they ended up on campus, they did not dress like they normally when going out to lunch. They had to fit in with the rest of the college kids while walking past the Men's basketball building.

I saw it, borrowed a camera from a friend and had to take this pic. Im still wondering what 2 blonds and one brunette had to talk about interesting conversation i bet and the brunette is probably very damaged trying to understand what the Confused ones are talking about.


Anonymous said...

I will be back with my comment to this post when I am done eating food that My mom cooked and you were not inviting over for, due to you smartassed comments.. nani nani boo boo then I will be back after my nap also since I am HEART broken like you said on Twitter...

You are soooooooooo gonna get fucked up by me.. I think I will pretend you are not my family and abuse you really good!!

But ole well I love you and you love me and well you may be the only one besides daddy and chan that will love me forever so I guess I should be nice.. yet I am going to have to rip you a new asshole.. but I have to go because this min of abuse has turned into a letter seeming like I am saying sorry to you adn I don't even like you right now...


Arv said...

h ahaa... I heard of this pic... now am so happy that you put it up for us to see :)

dont worry abt the baby.. I wonder what they were upto... hmmmm

Mike said...

Hey, I'm a brunette and I understand Ne's blond talk.


It's double tough for me because I have a penis.

Also, Ne, when you rip him a second asshole do it on the front of his body, left hand side, just up from his navel. You'll tear into his large intestine and poopy will come from that hole too. Maybe instead of the other one.

Just saying, if you're going to do something, do it right ;)

Anonymous said...

Your An Ass. But I love you,

We were going to lunch and OMG My ass looks really big, I have to do something about that. I am shaped like a pear and FYI NeNe has class that day on campus that is where I met her for lunch. (spits on you)

And Blonde talk is the best talk, And we do other things better also.

What? I am talking about cussing and such. hehehe


Anonymous said...

@mike, you into torture? This sounds GREAT. Minus seeing the poop.


Mayz said...

how come i neva heard of this pic??

paul v need to talk

u dont temme anythin nowdayz...hmph!!!